DIY Plumbing: Must-Have Tools

There are a few essential tools you will need if you plan to do DIY plumbing.

There is no need to call for a plumbing contractor in case you have basic knowledge in plumbing and simple problems arise. It can be a clogged toilet bowl or a leaking faucet. However, you need some tools before getting down to work.

The Auger

One is the auger which is used to remove something that may be blocking the toilet bowl if you are unsuccessful with the traditional plunger. This tool can be purchased online ( or local hardware stores. There are different brands, models and dimensions. Buy one which does not get rusty easily. You can always ask the seller or store personnel for assistance.

Channel Locks

You also need channel locks which have replaced the traditional pipe wrench. This implement is preferred by most plumbing companies since it is very handy and functional. The channel lock is better known as the “tongue and groove pliers” used to unscrew and stabilize pipes. This comes in various sizes and is the tool for most types of plumbing repairs.

Sink Wrench

DIY plumbers need a basin or sink wrench. This is utilized primarily for replacing old faucets in the laundry sink, bathroom or kitchen. It is a self-tightening wrench that loosens or tightens fittings in areas that are difficult to reach. Buy one with telescopic shaft that has a 90 degree angle.

Compression Sleeve Puller

As a do-it-yourself plumber, it is important to have the compression sleeve puller. This is for holding back the nut when you try to unscrew the compression angle stop. This stop feeds water to the faucet or toilet through the PVC, PEX or copper tubes. The sleeve puller can take away the nut without causing any damage to the pipe.

Pipe Wrench

The trusty tool for many plumbing contractor is the conventional pipe wrench which is useful when it comes to threaded fittings like iron pipes. Fixtures such as nipples in water heaters, pressure regulators and yard hydrants call for the use of a pipe wrench or even two of these wrenches for more leverage so you can unscrew these without much difficulty. It is advisable to get pipe wrenches of various sizes.

Screw Drivers

In case you have to carry out emergency plumbing, the other tools that you may need are screw drivers of different shapes and sizes for various kinds of screws. The screw driver is ideal for repairs of faucet handles, tub sprouts and overflow plates. The Allen wrench set is intended for expensive and branded shower and faucet knobs with Allen screws. Meanwhile, the hack saw may be necessary for sawing pipes and hard-to-remove screws, nuts and bolts.

Adjustable Wrench

Alabama plumbers also make use of the adjustable wrench. This wrench is used to remove compression nuts, angle stops and supply lines to faucets. It is also meant for screwing on or disengaging a shower head so that the chrome does not get dented during installation or cleaning process. Buy an adjustable wrench with jaws that will not slide under the torque. Include some electrical tape and the so-called plumber’s putty. This is a soft caulking and sealing substance to make watertight seals on all sides of faucets and drains.