Signs You Need to Call a Plumber in AL

Not all plumbing problems can be solved by homeowners by themselves. There are signs that point to major plumbing issues that can only be fixed by professionals.

There are some plumbing problems that do not show indications during the early stages and that could cost you a lot of money because of the long-term damage it has caused to your home if not paid attention to the soonest possible time. An example of a simple problem that could be damaging is a drip under the sink which could cause molds or rot problems if not fixed right away.

Some of the signs that indicate you need to call for a plumber are discussed below. Be sure that you call for a professional plumber that would provide quality work especially if you think you would need help fixing your plumbing problems.

Indicators that You Need to Call Professional Plumbers For Help

1)      Screeching sounds coming from the faucet when turned is a sign that there is air in the water pipes which could mean that the air “bleed-off” system is no longer working properly.

2)      Low water pressure from the faucets could mean that your pipes are clogged or there are leaks elsewhere in the plumbing. It could also mean incorrect size pipes were installed which makes it insufficient to provide water pressure.

3)      When the plunger does not work no matter how many times you tried, it just would not clear out the clog in your toilet or kitchen sink. This is actually is one of the most frustrating cases because you have no idea what is causing the clog. In instances like this, you cannot second-guess the situation and must call the plumber right away.

4)      Rattling and pinging sounds in the pipes can be caused by air that has become trapped.

5)      Inspect wet spots or molds in enclosed areas of the house such as crawl spaces because those might indicate a leak within the said area.

6)      Check under the sinks and look for wet spots along the pipes or underneath it because it could also mean leakage.

7)      Gurgling sounds from the drain means that there is a blockage in the pipe which traps the air. The blockage should be removed to stop the gurgling sound.

8)      Toilet that keeps backing up which has to be plunged frequently might mean that your septic tank is already full or there are tree roots that have grown into the pipes which causes the blockage. Either way, you need to have a plumber check it so assess the situation for you.

9)      Regular inspection of the water heater tank or pipes for corrosion or rust is highly recommended. If your water heater is powered by gas, you can check the gas lines by applying soapy water on them and look out for bubbles because it would mean leakage in the lines.

10)  Brown or discolored water from the faucet could mean that your old water heater should already be replaced.

11)  Slow drain means clogs or blockages in the pipe which can sometimes be cleared out by using commercial drain solutions to dissolve whatever is causing the blockage.